About Us as a Company

Let's be honest, there's no shortage of accountants and bookkeeping firms in South Africa. They also come in all colors and sizes. There are the big 4, there are the country wide groups, franchise groups, local companies and the always growing sole or one man bands.


So, why would we also spend our time in this industry? Well, to answer this, lets step back for a moment.

There are two exciting shifts taking place in the world and it excites us. 


Shift 1: Everything is being commoditised, automated and getting cheaper daily. Think about it, its not that long ago that we would pay thousands of rands to buy a GPS navigator, and then pay again to buy maps to navigate us from point a to point b. Today, its all free, its on your phone and even on your watch. Not so long ago "experts" would charge by the hour, yes even for a phone call or an email, for their advice on how to do something. Today, you can learn just about any skill on any topic online. "Google It" is the norm, and there are 400 hours of video being uploaded to Youtube, every hour!

Shift 2: The Entrepreneurs Edge is getting sharper. These days small companies with teams of 1 to 10 people are competing globally, and giving the corporate giants a run for their money. The number of small and medium sized businesses is on the rise, they are more passionate about what they do, and how they add value. They create meaningful employment and they are being financially rewarded, generously!

Combine these trends and bookkeeping, accounting and tax is evolving to a point where it can empower any business owner.


Here is where we fit in, our only goal is to ADD VALUE to small and medium sized businesses, not to invoice by the hour to capture slips. We only work with clients that are passionate about their businesses, that want to grow and that want to leverage our financial skills to get exponential returns on their efforts. 

About Tanya Bothma

Tanya Bothma - small.png

Tanya's career-long involvement as accountant and tax practitioner quickly evolved from a being typical "bean counter" to having a passion for adding real value to small and medium sized businesses.  

With more than 15 years' experience dealing with a range of businesses from start-ups to large enterprises, she has seen it all. Knowing when a mountain of paperwork and processes is needed, to when bootstrapping and paper napkin ideas are all that is required.

Tanya holds a BCompt Degree in Accounting and is a Certified Business Accountant, Registered Tax Practitioner and BBBEE guru.

Tanya’s keen eye for detail and results driven outlook is always focused on increasing the bottom line of any business she and her team deals with.