• Tanya Bothma

To DIY or not to DIY your Personal Income Tax

A lot of people ask if they can and should do their tax themselves, and the answer is yes, you can.

The SARS efilling system is easy to use and guides you through what is required.

So then why use a registered tax practitioner to help? Well, lets face it, nobody likes doing their tax. Its painful and one always feels like you could be doing something more enjoyable. It takes time to remember or figure out which value goes against which code, and what info needs to be filled in where, and all the lingo that goes with it, IRP5, IT12, IT34 etc.

And then there is always that moment of hesitation before you push the “submit” button.

Did I do it correctly?

Am I going to be audited?

Could I have claimed more and paid less?

The advantage of using a reputable, registered tax practitioner is that:

•They are always up to date with the latest tax rules;

•They will not only do your submissions, but fully review your tax, and advise if there are possible savings;

•They always keep track of the various deadlines, and will remind you in advance when yours is due;

And best of all, you get more free time to do what you want.

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